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Ball State University Police say it was a peaceful weekend

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) - While fans had their eyes on the field this weekend, police had their eyes off of it in order to be prepared if anything went wrong. 

However, Ball State University Police got what they were hoping for..."We saw a really orderly crowd, a lot of families out there, It looked like the community was really engaged with the team and the events of the day," said Police Chief and Director of Public Safety James Duckham. 

With countless events going on throughout the week and into the weekend, Duckham said the things went even better than even he could've anticipated.

"We had no incidents to speak of," said Duckham. 

While police say there were zero arrests or citations made related to homecoming weekend, there was a scare just off campus early Saturday morning. University Police sent out an alert to students via email and social media just before 1 a.m. about shots fired near the intersection of Riverside and New York. Half an hour later students were given the all clear.

"We investigate that like we would any other police investigation. I would say that wasn't related to homecoming. We have no indication of that," said Duckham. 

While Duckham and his team continue their efforts to keep campus safe, he's just happy that people were on their best behavior and able to have a good time.

"It's really about family...we want people to act responsibly and respectfully and that's what we saw this weekend."

With another home game this Saturday, Chief Duckham is hoping and expecting to see the same. However, if things were to get out of hand, he wants people to know his team will be ready.

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