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Ball State University Will Allow Pets in Apartments


MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) – Some college students are stuck with the difficulty of leaving their pets behind in order to move into a Ball State University Residence Hall.

Although emotional support animals are allowed, with approval, in Housing and Residence Life, there is no policy set in place for pets. 

However, next school year a new pet policy will start, which allows for all pets in University Apartments. 

Chris Wilkey, Assistant Director of Marketing, Communications and Technology for Housing and Residence Life, said the change came as a result of students living in the apartments. 

“It was a proposal brought up by residents that lived out there. They had the desire to have their pets,” Wilkey said. 

The policy is not just limited to cats and dogs. 

“You can have pretty much any style of pet you want as long as it’s not going to harm others,” Wilkey said. 

There is one Ball State student, Tyne Mather, who cannot live without her pet cat, Cheddar. Finding housing that included a pet policy is a priority for her. 

“He’s helped a lot with my mental health because it’s just a distraction and I get to take care of something else that’s not me,” Mather said. 

Mather was unable to live with her cat when she was living in residence halls, but now that she is off campus, she enjoys living with Cheddar for these reasons. 

The residents who take advantage of the policy will have to pay a deposit fee and a monthly fee. The fees are set in place in case any damages come as a result of living with an animal. 

“Even though it does come an extra cost, I need to have it because of him. I can’t just not have him,” Mather said, referring to Cheddar. 

With concerns aside, this decision by Ball State University Apartments has animal lovers excited for next school year.