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Standing water will not delay campus construction

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) -  Wet weather and standing water? No problem. 

Officials are saying that the recent rain and snow, which left a good portion of standing water at the construction site of a future Ball State parking garage on New York Avenue, will not cause a problem. 

James Lowe, Vice President for Facilities Planning and Management at Ball State, said that while conditions haven’t been great, crews are able to adapt to the situation. 

“Certainly the weather conditions could be more favorable for construction, but contractors are equipped to deal with changes in weather conditions,” said Lowe in a written statement. 

Jim Iddins, Senior Project Manager with The Hagerman Group, echoed Lowe’s optimism.

“A dewatering system will be installed. Deep wells will be around three sides of the site to keep the level of the water down,” he said.

Iddins added that this was expected due to how low the land sits, and mentioned that the parts for that dewatering system will be made available by the end of this week.