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MCS Students speak out at board meeting

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) – Students in Muncie Community Schools are getting their chance to voice their ideas for the school system. A seven-member student advisory board presented to the school board February 26.

The advisory board’s first idea is to make start times later at Muncie Central High School.

“It’s not just because I’m a lazy teenager who doesn’t want to get up in the morning,” said George Schafer, student advisory board member. “But also there’s very good evidence from high up places as you can see. The U.S. National Library of Medicine is up there, and the Children’s Hospital is up there as places that advocate for this idea.”

Students are also suggesting block scheduling, which is more like college. With this form of scheduling, the same classes do not meet every day. 

The advisory board is also advocating for e-learning days as a method to make up snow days. This is a state-approved method of learning at home using a computer.

Troy Sowder, another student advisory board member, says other schools in the county are using this method and benefiting from it. He suggests giving students a certain time window to get their e-learning assignments done.

“This would allow children to complete their work and get the most out of it, but not have to stress about a lack of Internet connection or events, such as power outages, that occur due to weather,” Sowder said.

After the presentation, Jim Williams, MCS board president, is offering the advisory board an opportunity to work with Steve Edwards, MCS emergency manager, on his recommendations for the school system. Williams also invited the students back to speak in April.