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Temperatures stay cold, but warmer than last week

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) - More cold weather is expected in the upcoming week, but it does not compare to the frigid temperatures from last week.

Last Thursda,y McKinley Avenue was recovering from its icy road caused by the recent polar vortex.

It is not anticipated that the temperatures will be as brutal as they were last week, so another day without classes will not be on the horizon. 

That lets students be able to stay on track with their work, which can easily get stacked up during a day off school.

Brianna Callahan can attest to the negative impact that one less day of instruction can really do. 

“Every day is set out to be like a specific course and material covered ... it was very crucial for us to learn that material that day and we had to kinda teach ourselves so we could stay on track,” Callahan said.

It will be easier to stay on track for the rest of this winter since a polar plunge is not in the forecast anytime soon.