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Ball State celebrates Valenclimb's Day

One area of Ball State Recreation is taking their Valentine's Day celebration to new heights.

Valenclimb's Day at the Climbing Wall, located inside the Jo Ann Gora Recreation and Wellness Center, features five partner routes that friends or couples can do together. This is the first event they've done for Valentine's Day.

"There's a bunch of gyms around the country that have been doing similar events for a couple years. I saw one of those videos and said 'why don't we try something like that?'" Kevin Sutton, Outdoor Pursuits coordinator, said. 

Outdoor Pursuits staff like Sutton will be there to guide participants through the routes, which are also marked with tape.

Sophomore Laura Johnson saw an ad for the event saying the routes were impossible to do alone, so she brought a friend to participate in Valenclimb's.

"I'm so used to doing things alone, and I can use my partner to help me figure out how I'm going to do something, but I've never had to rely on her to actually get up the wall, so that was definitely interesting," Johnson said.

If you would like to participate in Valenclimb's Day, the routes will be taken down February 17. During Valenclimb's Day, individuals can still climb any part of the wall.