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Wellness Minute: Ball State celebrates Random Acts of Kindness Week

MUNCIE, Ind.---Kindness. It’s something many believe this world needs more of...And that’s the message the Office of Institutional Diversity is trying to push this week. So you might be asking- what does Random Acts of Kindness Week have to do with wellness? Interim Associate Vice President for Diversity Melinda Messineo says being kind does have a variety of health benefits.

"First of all, we know [kindness affects] serotonin levels and our oxycontin levels, and those are really important in terms of own health and well-being. We also know that it reduces anxiety, and that acts of kindness helps build social bonds, and social bonds are related to health as well," said Messineo.

Messineo wants to remind you that there are many ways for you to be kind. She says often it’s the littlest things you do in everyday life that make the biggest difference.

"Letting people into traffic when you might be inclined to not let them into line...or holding doors open, or acknowledging when someone did something that you're really excited about...or just acknowledging that your really glad that they're there," said Messineo.

There are a few ways for you to get involved. The Office of Institutional Diversity and Working Well created a BINGO card with a list of ways to be kind. Some of the spots on the card include “helping a random person,” “writing a thank you note,” or “took myself on a date.”

For more info on Random Acts of Kindness Week, go to randomactsofkindness.org.