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Queer Chocolatier celebrates Valentine's Day

Each year, at least $36 million is spent on heart shape boxes the second

week of February. However; Morgan Roddy, owner of Queer Chocolatier, is

hoping that this year Valentines will be willing to go beyond a plastic $4.99 box

from the store to celebrate the holiday.

In lieu of Valentines week, Queer Chocolatier is holding guided chocolate

tasting events. These events feature the exploration of where each chocolate

came from, each person’s individual perception of each flavor, and how to work

with craft chocolates. Roddy heavily likes to focus on the differences between

store-bought and craft chocolates as far as where the beans are raised and the art

of making a craft chocolate candy. Roddy stresses the importance of individuals

thoroughly expressing their experience with each individual chocolate, evaluating

it’s natural flavors, which come from so few ingredients.

Though, the outlook on craft chocolate isn’t the only perception Roddy is

trying to break this week. Valentine’s Day is widely celebrated for its recognition

of love – but do we often remember to celebrate ALL types of love this week? As

social norms are changing, so should our perception of Valentine’s Day. Roddy

wants to remind everyone that Valentine’s Day is a celebration of all types of love,

everywhere. Roddy said, “Valentine’s Day is very heteronormative so we look to

provide an alternative to folks who are queer and give them a chance to share

their love unapologetically with someone who is not in that heteronormative


While the tours started Monday evening, you still have the opportunity to

attend Thursday at 5:30 p.m.