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Temperature changes take toll on roads


MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) Drastic changes in temperature like we have experienced in the past week have a unique way of causing problems for motorists. It is this time of year where the constant freezing and thawing of roadways can cause potholes to appear more than usual.

“The problem with potholes is that they all pop up at once,” said Duke Campbell, Superintendent for the Department of Public Works in Muncie. “And we can’t be on every street at once. So you do have to prioritize unfortunately.”

The Department of Public Works in Muncie is responsible with patching up the potholes that appear across town. The department releases an annual Paving Plan that highlights areas of emphasis where the department will focus their time throughout the year.

Campbell recognized this time of year as the beginning of when potholes begin to show up more than usual. It is because of the heat in the summer that roadways begin to crack in the first place, but the threat of potholes is most prevalent in the mid winter through early spring. These cracks in roadways are susceptible to water seeping beneath the road. Water can then freeze and expand before melting to leave a soft spot for a pothole to form.

“I hate it but we don’t have enough manpower to cover the entire city,” Campbell said. “We just have to keep plugging and plugging away. It’s frustrating and I wish we could do more, but we have to work within our means.”

As more potholes begin to turn up in the coming weeks The Department of Public Works encourages the Muncie community to bring them to their attention. Anyone can report a pothole to the department by calling (765) 747-4848, or you can visit cityofmuncie.com and click on the “report issues” tab.