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“Good Girl Gone Boss” Podcast Gives Women in the Community a Voice


MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink)- A girl boss doesn’t necessarily have to be the CEO of a major company. It can be a woman who’s doing awesome things in the Muncie community. 

Angie Rogers-Howell and her husband give women in the community a voice on their podcast, “Good Girl Gone Boss.” 

The focus of the podcast is, “any cool, lady in Muncie doing neat things,” Rogers-Howell said. 

Right now, the couple has uploaded five episodes of “Good Girl Gone Boss.” The most recent episode features Amy Logan, who works in the Career Center at Ball State University. 

She and Rogers-Howell have been friends for years. Rogers-Howell asked her to be a guest on the podcast. 

“I was a little reluctant, but they convinced me.” Logan said. 

Logan is impressed with the way Rogers-Howell achieves the goals she set out for when starting the podcast. 

“It is very empowering to watch Angie. The whole time she’s living up to her own mission of empowering women and getting their voice heard.” Logan said. 

Rogers-Howell is in charge of finding the guests for the podcast, while her husband handles the editing. In a typical episode, the couple spends the first few minutes bantering about their life. They talk about everything from Rogers-Howell’s past, to raising their four children, to running a business together. Next, they interview a woman from the community and have her share her story. The podcast ends with the couple talking about things they hate. 

“I like to rant,” Rogers-Howell said. 

When she’s not podcasting with her husband, Rogers-Howell is in charge of Farmhouse Marketing and Branding, which opened in 2012. It’s located in downtown Muncie. 

“I took my last paycheck from my last job and started out with zero clients. It was scary,” Rogers-Howell said. 

One of her frustrations in running her business is people assume her husband is the one who runs the company, even though she is the boss. 

“We have some people who come into our office and say, ‘Where’s the business owner?’ and I say, ‘hello, that’s me!’” Rogers-Howell said. 

In their office, the couple has a podcast studio set up to interview guests and upload episodes of the podcast. To see the episode where Rogers-Howell and her husband interview Logan, click here.

Logan was featured on February 5 episode of “Good Girl Gone Boss.” There are new episodes of the podcast every Tuesday.