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A Better Way seeks donations after seeing delayed government grants

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 MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) - A local Muncie organization is continuing to help members of the community with a limited budget. 

A Better Way is located in downtown Muncie where they provide shelter and services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. They help women of all ages. The organization is also located in surrounding counties; Jay, Blackford, Henry and Randolph counties. However, the majority of women they serve are locally in Delaware County.

Some of their services include providing shelter, individual trauma-informed counseling and crisis intervention. 

The organization is funded by a variety of sources, including governmental grants. However, at this time the governmental grants for the organization are several months behind.

Teresa Clemmons, Executive Director for A Better Way, says they are only asking for donations because of the delayed governmental grants, not because they don’t have community support. 

“We really feel loved because people are stepping up [and donating],” Clemmons says. 

Cash donations can be made online or through the mail. If you would like to donate, contact A Better Way at 765-747-9107.