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Adoption in a New Way

A Local Business Gives You the Chance to Put Your Name on History  Muncie Map Company, located in downtown Muncie, has their own form of adoption for members of the community. 

At Muncie Map Company, there is an Adopt-A-Map program where a person can select a map of their choosing and pay a fee for the restoration. Then, the Muncie Map Company will restore the map. Five dollars of the adoption fee goes to the Delaware County Historical Society. As an adopter, the person’s name goes at the bottom of the restored map and they receive a proof of their own. 

Ball State faculty member, Heather Williams, adopted her own map as a gift to her husband, who lived in New York for some time. 

“I got this really neat 1920s, speakeasy map of Harlem,” Williams said. 

She was pleased to support Muncie Map Company because she is acquainted with Andy Shears, the co-owner and co-founder of the business. 

“He was really excited about his new venture,” Williams said. “I really wanted Andy to be successful. I wanted his company to be successful.” 

Shears was the one who repaired Williams’ map for her and was able to give the final product to her on her birthday. 

Shears said the business has only repaired 12 maps since their opening in early October. 

“There are over 150 up for adoption,” Shears said. 

To browse all the maps up for adoption at Muncie Map Company, visit their downtown location at 111 E. Adams St.