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Yorktown Fire Department Goes Viral



Yorktown Fire Department makes viral lip sync video with a powerful message.

Yorktown Fire Department’s lip sync video has over 110,000 views and 3,000 shares on their Facebook page. 

The video has gotten a lot of attention based on its powerful message about suicide. 

Video Link: https://www.facebook.com/yorktownfiredepartment/videos/1435509953246764/

In the video, Ben Strunk, the assistant fire chief, said, “last year, it was reported that 234 first responders took their own lives. That’s a number that surpassed line of duty deaths for that year.” First responders include police officers, firefighters and EMS personnel. 

When I talked to Strunk after the video had been uploaded for about a week, he talked about the popularity of the video.  

“It feels justified. It feels like we’re really getting the message out and it’s really exciting at least for us that people are seeing this and sharing it more and more and bringing light to this tragic situation,” Strunk said. 

The Yorktown Fire Department lost one of their own members to suicide. Assistant Chief Strunk said the firefighter had retired from the fire department, but then took his own life after that. 

The end of the video offers resources for first responders and other people if they need help. 

DJ Mahler, a firefighter at Yorktown Fire Department appeared as firefighter number 2 in the video. He wanted people who watch the video to learn where they can get help. 

“Just talk. Ask people if they are doing OK and if you’re one that’s struggling, reach out and get some help,” Mahler said. 

Mahler said Yorktown Fire Department has a good support system and they will continue to be supportive for each other in the future.