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Theta Chi at Ball State Closed

The Delta Kappa Chapter of Theta Chi at Ball State has been shut down. 

The decision came from the Fraternity’s board of directors because of “confirmed violations of Theta Chi’s policies,” according to a statement from the organization. 

The interfraternity council, the governing body for fraternities on campus, did not recognize the chapter at the start of the year. 

IFC president, Justin Concannon said the university told him there would not be a recruitment class for the chapter while there was an ongoing investigation. 

“Now that both investigations have gone on both by the university and Theta Chi fraternity headquarters they came up with the decision that Theta Chi chapter would be revoked,” Concannon said. 

While the former members are being asked to leave their home on Riverside Ave. the IFC says the fraternity may not be gone for good. 

“At this time they’re working to see if Theta Chi can come back at all or when that would be,” the IFC President said. 

Concannon says the removal of the chapter is upsetting. 

“It is disheartening that a chapter loses their charter anytime that happens, but it’s also nice to realize that we have the right accountability majors within our fraternity community,” Concannon said. 

The University said in response to the headquarters’ decision that the chapter is no longer recognized by Ball State, “effective immediately.”