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Calm days, possible rain ahead

Tonight: As we move into tonight we will see some mild conditions as we will see a low of 64 degrees with winds around 11-13 mph. Mostly cloudy conditions will be the norm for the night as the only thing that could happen will be the occasional breeze from the wind.

Tomorrow: As we move into tomorrow it will be a calm day that starts off fairly mild as it starts off at 65 degrees at 8 AM. But as the day moves on at noon it will be around 80 degrees but as we get towards 5 PM the high of the day will reach around 85 degrees. Mostly cloudy conditions will be dominant throughout the day so not much will be happening.

7-Day Outlook: As the week starts off it will be fairly warm as we see temps around 80-81 on Monday and a high of 84-85 on Tuesday. But as we move more into the week we will see higher rain chances. On Thursday and Friday we will see a 60% chance of rain with the high of Thursday being 70 and the high of Friday 79. But after the two days the rain chance goes back down and moving into next week we will see more warm temperatures again with the high of Sunday reaching 80 and the high of Monday at 82.

-- Weather Forecaster Cameron Chinn


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