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Fishing Club Competes

The Ball State University Bass Club has been a part of the Ball State community since 2003. The club meets once a month throughout the school year. The most competitive season for the club falls from mid August through late October. During this period the team will compete with other schools across the Midwest on a biweekly basis.

On Sunday, members of the team traveled to Tennessee to compete at the American Bass Anglers Regional Championship on Kentucky Lake. Club Vice President Austin Strawmyer finished third at the event and spoke on how the changing of seasons affects his approach on the water.

“The fish are more aggressive in the Fall cause they know that winter is coming,” Strawmyer said. “They try to eat as much as they can in a short period of time, so you tend to throw bait that is moving fast through the water to gain their attention.”

Getting involved with the Ball State Bass Club is easier than you may think. If you are someone interested in joining the club you can visit their website at Bsubassclub.com to access contact information or like their facebook page by searching “Bass club fishing at Ball State.”

“Our club is open to people on all levels of the fishing spectrum whether that be people who have just started fishing or people who have fished competitively their whole life,” Strawmyer said. “We really encourage people to start fishing and to fish tournaments we take pride in being able to open up opportunities in fishing for our students.”