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Veterans Stand Down

It’s been 50 years and two days since he was released for the United States Army. James Dalton served in Vietnam from October of 1967 to September of 1968. 

He was also a volunteer at a Veterans Stand Down event at the Delaware County Fairgrounds on Friday. 

“I love it because it gives them all a chance,” Dalton said. 

Nathan Jones, who is the Delaware County Veterans Affairs officer, was in charge of this event and made some changes from events in the past.

Delaware County Circuit Court Judge, Linda Wolf, appointed Jones to be in charge of the event. 

“I said, ‘Okay, judge, if you say I have to do it, I’m doing it.’” Jones said. 

When Jones took over, his new approach for the event included what he calls, “hand ups,” instead of “handouts.” The idea is to get veterans more than just clothes and free meal, but to get them a job or help them find a house. 

“If you are homeless, or in any type of struggle or any type of need whatsoever, today, you should not walk out of this building without having the exact help you need,” Jones said. 

The Veterans Stand Down event served 107 veterans. The Veterans Affairs Office is open to helping veterans all times of the year. The Muncie office is located at 100 W Main St.