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Muncie Community Schools Update

Muncie Community Schools came to state lawmakers' attention in the past few years for a multi-million-dollar budget deficit. 

After years of some kind of state oversight, recently appointed board members approved "additional appropriations" on Tuesday night.

As Chief Financial Officer Bob Coddington explained, that means money not spent last year.

“We ended up with 4,499,000 dollars that they took away from our ’18 appropriation with the assumption that we’d already  spent it in ’17 when in fact we did not. So that’s one of the reasons we have an appropriation of 28 million dollars. So we’re asking the public now to understand this is no more expenditures.”

Board President Jim Williams described these funds not as a surplus, but as money on hand.

A motion approving the additional appropriations needed to be approved in order for the extra money to be spent. 

The board did so, but did not finalize how the money is going to be spent.