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Radars on campus help slow down drivers

In an effort to slow traffic traveling through Ball State’s campus, the university along with University Police Department decided to install four radars to help drivers track their speeds; hopefully slowing them down.

The four radars, which can be found on the on Riverside, University and McKinley Avenues, light up at drivers showing their speeds, and even blink at them and telling them to slow down when they are traveling too fast.

“The community reaction has been positive,” said Jim Duckham, Chief of University Police.

“We’re kind of passed the trial period, having had them in place since November. It seems to be slowing cars down before they reach locations on traffic where there’s a lot of heavy foot traffic.”

Pedestrians have noticed. Adrion Thompson walks on campus every day, and says he feels the signs help to keep drivers aware of their speeds while driving throughout the university grounds.

“It gives you a visual representation of the speed you’re actually going. It raises awareness of the speed limitation on campus,” Thompson said.

Chief Duckham said it’s not only important for drivers to be alert, but for pedestrians to be aware of their surroundings as well.

“A lot of kids will come out of class with their headphones in looking down at their phones, not even paying attention where they’re walking. That can be dangerous,” Duckham said.

“Pedestrians need to be sure to use the crosswalks marked on campus and it would be good to even taken an earbud out, just to be more aware. That will help get everyone where they’re going safely.”