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‘My Universe’ is a love letter to fans of Coldplay and BTS

Who would have thought that a middle-aged British pop group and a much younger Korean pop group would team up and produce a song together? Not me, I was surprised to say the least when the collaboration between Coldplay and BTS was announced. The two groups together seem like an odd, unexpected combination, especially because of the language gap. However, their passion for music transcended language and they were able to produce a song with both English and Korean lyrics.

Two Different Messages

The song itself is an uplifting and inspirational electro-pop song with its chorus in English and its verses in Korean. The song sounds light-hearted at first, but once you look into the lyrics, you see a couple different messages from each of the artists. According to Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay, “My Universe” is about “someone being told they can’t love a certain other person”.

For BTS, they express the distance they feel between themselves and their fans throughout the past couple years due to the pandemic. They emphasize that their current hardships are only temporary and they look forward to seeing their fans (or their universe), again in the future. Lyrically, the song is very well done in portraying both artists’ representations of what the song means to them. The lyrics are rather simple, but they convey the messages all the members want to get across.

A Unique Blend of Music Genres

In terms of the vocals, I was impressed by how well Martin and BTS complemented each other. Martin’s vocals are comforting, relaxed and full of warm emotions. All seven members of BTS offer a wide variety of vocals, from Jungkook’s soft and airy tones, to RM’s deep and mellow tones. The combined sounds of all eight artists work together to create a collaboration that works effortlessly. Since the vocals are in two languages, you would think that switching between them would throw the rhythm off, but this song is a perfect example of the contrary. 

The actual composition of the single works very well in terms of rhythm and transitions of the chorus, to the verses, and so on. The ballad-like chorus is catchy, as well as the flow of the pre-chorus, which is my favorite part of the song. The only part of the song that I can’t completely wrap my head around is the Daft-Punk robotic editing in one of Martin’s supporting vocal tracks. At first, you don’t notice the gritty, distorted track, but once you do, you can’t unhear it. 

As someone who has gone to two BTS concerts, this song would be a fantastic addition to the concert setlist. “My Universe” is a feel-good song that is warm and inviting for the audience to sing along to. While I might not be a Coldplay fan, their new album looks to be worth checking out if you’re looking for high-spirited songs that have meaning beyond the lyrics you hear while listening to them. While some may argue that Coldplay songs are generic,  “My Universe” takes their sonic profile and combines it with the sound of BTS to create a track that is both nostalgic and new. The result is an electro-pop ballad that is calm and mellow, but also refreshing and inspiring at the same time. The composition is reminiscent of all artists involved, and represents each artist and what makes their music worthwhile. I can confidently say that I was pleasantly surprised by this song, and I look forward to seeing what Music of The Spheres has to offer.

Featured Image: Coldplay on Twitter