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History Of: Wheel of Fortune

by Christian Dixie Wheel of Fortune, the most successful syndicated program in history, has been captivating audiences since its nighttime debut in 1983. The history of the show spans 44 years, with $250 million in cash and prizes being given away to its contestants over the course of the show’s run. Wheel of Fortune, created by Merv Griffin, gets over 1 million applications for contestants vying to be on the show. Ten thousand people get the chance to audition for the show and only 600 contestants appear on the show every season. Let’s take a look at the history of Wheel of Fortune.

The daytime version (1975 - 1991)

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Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Fortune

The nighttime version (1983 - Present)

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Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Fortune
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