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History Of: Queer Media

by Baylie Clevenger From The Symposium to queer pulp novels of the 50s and 60s, it’s easy to say that queer media has come a long way. We no longer have to know a person who knows a person who has a secret gay book that we can borrow, nor do we have to suffer through the terrible writing and plotlines of those pulp novels.  Though representation is still off and stereotypes run rampant, queer media has developed to the point where it is becoming more regular and expected. This pride month though, we need to remember where it had to start to get to where it is now. Let’s run down the history of queer media. There’s a lot of history here, so for the purposes of this article we won’t talk about entertainment in general because that would be too much to fit in an article, today we’ll focus on books, movies, and television. 

The “beginning”

The 1900s-1920s were gay too

Imre Death in Venice Imre Death in Venice The Symposium

Pulp and Film come into play

Madchen in Uniform The Price of Salt Madchen in Uniform The Price of Salt Madchen The Price of Salt Carol, 

More Films and more stereotypes

The Children’s Hour.
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Friends Will and Grace Friends Will & Grace

It gets gayer, my friends

Call me by Your Name Blue is the Warmest Color Orange is the New Black Love, Simon Queer Eye