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A tale of two trailers: Two sides of the video game movie coin

by Tanner Kinney Nothing is more cursed and inspires worse nightmares than movies based on video games. It seems like every time, whether the source material is good, bad, or mediocre, the producers of these films know absolutely nothing about the games and just make a movie that vaguely resembles its namesake. From the original stinker in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, or the Uwe Boll classics like Bloodrayne, or even the seven thousand Resident Evil films that exist to keep the director and his wife employed, it’s all bad. Even the best video game movies are only good by comparison, and the bar is so low it’s knocking on Satan’s wine cellar. So, if you were to approach me and tell me that not just one, but TWO high-profile video game movies based on classic franchises were releasing this year, I would be shocked. Surely they’ve learned their lesson, right? You can’t just keep brutalizing beloved franchises into whatever Hollywood-approved picture and expect something watchable, you have to try something new! Break the mold, prove that the game deserves to be turned into a full movie and not just a Netflix mini-series or Cartoon Network show. Yet, here we are, with both Detective Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog slowly approaching our theaters, menacingly, with hyper-realistic fur and way too many quips.

Detective Pikachu Detective Pikachu Sonic X-Men: Days of Future Past Sonic Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu worked to win people over

Detective Pikachu Sonic Sonic Detective Pikachu Sonic that

Sonic the Hedgehog gets almost everything wrong

Sonic the Hedgehog Detective Pikachu Sonic Suicide Squad

The game was rigged against Sonic from the start

Sonic the Hedgehog Detective Pikachu Sonic Sonic Detective Pikachu Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic 06