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Old Games that Should be Remastered

by Makayla Hughes With all of the new video games released every month, some may feel nostalgic for a simpler time of gaming. One where you didn’t have to pay $60+ for an incomplete, unplayable game, and where all of the content came with the game when you bought it. This meant no downloadable content, no new updates, no online, no subscription playing, just an old, beat-up copy of a game that might not even have a case or work half the time. I’ve been finding myself in this nostalgic mindset of the way games were back when I was younger. Growing up with gaming, I feel as if games from my childhood are better and more simple than the games of today. Not to say that the games of today aren’t fun, but I feel as if there’s nothing like these games on today’s market, making me want to play these older games even more. In my mind, they seem like so much fun because I had such good memories playing them. I spent hours upon hours on these games, so maybe they’re not as amazing as I’ve built them up to be in my mind, but here are some of the top games from my childhood I’d love to see remastered.

Metropolismania 2

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Metropolismania 2 Metropolismania 2 Metropolismania 2 Metropolismania 2

Radiata Stories

Image from Kotaku
Radiata Stories Radiata Stories everything

The Sims 2: Castaway

The Sims 2: Castaway
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