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'Heard it in a Past Life' is an indie-pop masterpiece

by Olivia Weinzapfel Heard It in a Past Life is the debut studio album for Maggie Rogers, an artist who has all the qualities of an emerging indie guru. Prior to the album release she had already produced two singles, which were melodic masterpieces in a unique style of alternative pop. The two singles, “On + Off” and “Alaska” were released 3 years ago, which gave fans more than enough time to build anticipation for more. Rogers definitely delivered to high hopes with all twelve pop-oriented tracks in Heard It in a Past Life. This introspective album holds a pure form of positively contagious energy, all thanks to the radiation of good vibes in the musical composition.

Euphoric Energy

Heard It in a Past Life Heard It in a Past Life

Low-key lackluster lyrics

Heard It in a Past Life

Impatiently awaiting more

Heard It in a Past Life
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