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‘Heard it in a Past Life’ is an indie-pop masterpiece

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Image from Amazon

Heard It in a Past Life is the debut studio album for Maggie  Rogers, an artist who has all the qualities of an emerging indie guru.  Prior to the album release she had already produced two singles, which  were melodic masterpieces in a unique style of alternative pop.

The two singles, “On + Off” and “Alaska” were released 3 years ago,  which gave fans more than enough time to build anticipation for more.  Rogers definitely delivered to high hopes with all twelve pop-oriented  tracks in Heard It in a Past Life. This introspective album  holds a pure form of positively contagious energy, all thanks to the  radiation of good vibes in the musical composition.

Euphoric Energy

Maggie Rogers weaves unique transitions and fresh choruses into each  song, clearly establishing her artistic style. The sixth song on the  album, “Past Life,” is an exception to this, as it is composed solely  with piano and voice. Despite not following the wave of synthetic sounds  like the rest of the songs, it still fits within the album’s theme and  provides a good kind of variation. Aside from that change of tempo, the  other songs render a soothing kind of happiness, which fits into indie  music’s low-profile reputation for being a feel-good genre. Maggie  Rogers is already establishing her place in the indie realm with her  debut album, which can only make fans excited for what’s to come from  her in the future. Additionally, Heard It in a Past Life gives  off a true free-spirited vibe which was a perfectly timed release for  those of us struggling with seasonal depression; this exhilarating album  serves as the perfect mood-booster.

To complement the musical compositions, Rogers possesses a gentle yet  powerful voice that’s enough to give you chills, especially when she  shows off the high end of her vocal range. Her singing gives just as  much life to her songs as the synthetic arrangements do. Many songs even  feature her voice overlapped with itself to form angelic harmonies,  which produce a completely euphoric experience for listeners. These  harmonies have a power of entrancement, much like Lorde’s signature  harmonies in most of her produced songs. In some cases, that might even  be considered the best part of the song. Two examples of the Lorde-like  vocals from Heard It in a Past Life are the tracks “Overnight”  and “The Knife.” The ringing of background voices is subtle, but it adds  to the music’s unique style and makes it even more interesting.

Maggie Rogers undoubtedly holds genuine talent when it comes to  expression and energy. The energy that her music gives off strongly  reflects the resilience that Florence Welch is famous for. Welch has a  contagious spirit when it comes to music, and Rogers echoes that  full-of-life attitude in her songs.

Rogers abstractly reproduces the same kind of influential power that  both Lorde and Florence Welch have to captivate listeners and touch  souls through music. That’s not to say Rogers is copying their style,  she simply possesses the same gift when it comes to moving her audience.  The major differences between Rogers and the aforementioned artists are  merely genre and lyrics.

Low-key lackluster lyrics

Maggie Rogers truly speaks through her music. Her true form of  expression lies within the melodies, not so much the lyrics. There is  power behind the lyrical meaning in the songs, but the depth in verse is  subpar; it isn’t necessarily true poetry. Be that as it may, that fact  is overshadowed by the captivating tunes anyway. It’s almost hard to  focus on lyrics when you’re already entertained enough by the lively  music.

The theme behind Heard It in a Past Life is very  introspective on the subject of relationships – it maintains themes of  dominating self-awareness and a struggle to hold onto love. Despite  being mainly about love, the lyrics still portray a very liberating  energy. This kind of vibe is hard to come by, especially with new  artists. Not only did this prove to be a personal creative outlet for  Rogers to express her feelings, it’s also publicly favored by those who  find it relatable.

Impatiently awaiting more

In the world of indie music, Heard It in a Past Life has  received phenomenal feedback. Maggie Rogers is one of few rising stars  who don’t seem to be coming into the music industry looking for fame.  Her focal point lies on the music she’s creating and being expressive,  which is arguably one of the best traits a composer can have. She has  talent and this debut album does a great job of showing it. No matter  how long it takes, it’ll be worth the wait for the next one.

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