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Local music venue ‘The Batcave’ hosts its inaugural show

by Eben Griger The Batcave hosted the first of many shows in its basement last Sunday, with a four-band lineup. The venue gets its name not from the DC superhero, but from the bats found in the basement. The show was put on by Lame Brain Productions, a Muncie-native company that provides venues, booking, recording, and photography for local bands. Sunday’s show consisted of The Sick Boy Method, a “progressive post-hardcore” trio; Shoot on Sight, a “sociopolitical egalitarian punk rock” band; Pat and the Pissers, a hardcore punk band; and headlined by Indian Old School, a post-hardcore grunge band. Sick Boy Method is from Muncie, both Pat and the Pissers and Shoot on Sight are from Indianapolis, and Indian Old School is from Anderson. The show pulled in a good sized crowd, with people spilling out of the house and on to the front yard. During their set, Indian Old School gathered the crowd in to make a speech on the state of music and how shows like this one were working to improve music, with people doing what makes them happy. Raw music was being made because people wanted to make it, not because any record label wanted them to, continued the band. The trio then finished with a new song, ending their set with an announcement that they were taking a break to record new material and get their lives in order. The Batcave joins the ever-growing list of venues for local bands to play at in Muncie, which includes The Basement, The Sauna, and Be Here Now.

Bandcamp accounts: Shoot on Sight Pat and the Pissers Indiana Old School

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