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Culture Check: How to fail at embracing controversies and convincing cults

By Daley Wilhelm Last fall, Wolfenstein did it’s utmost to capitalize on the current culture by featuring a social media campaign fueled by unadulterated violence against Nazis—what Wolfenstein has always been about. Of course, that made the alt-right and all their Neo-Nazi leanings pretty upset. Punching Nazis is "morally wrong," after all. This spring, the much anticipated fifth installment of the Far Cry franchise left behind it’s exotic settings for something a little more domestic, something worryingly familiar: your all-American cult. The box art says it all with a tableau of the Eden’s Gate cult posed like the Last Supper—Jesus’ stand-in is the enigmatic Father, his apostles his zealous, gun-toting family.

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Far Cry 5 Far Cry 5 Trump’s waterworks sex tape “the most controversial game of the Trump era,”

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According to the FBI

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the New World Order conspiracy

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