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Animation A-team S4E6: Problems with Apu


We've got to talk about the problem with Apu, specifically the recent Simpsons episode that address the yearlong debacle with Apu being called out as an out-dated, racist stereotype of a character that either needs to be updated or ousted. We all know Apu: he's the Indian guy who owns the convenience store who's voiced by a white dude doing an Indian accent. In the new episode, the show addresses that this went unquestioned in the 90s, where as now it's framed as politically incorrect. But hey, what're you gonna do? Don't have a cow about it. Is this the right attitude to take up? Is this an issue of political correctness or that the Simpsons haven't evolved past their 90's heyday? Should things that are old be excused for their faux pas? (note that this episode came out this year) Is Apu an example of casual racism? It's telling that those arguing for his being a offense are actually Indian-American or Asian-America, while those saying to calm down are white. How should shows evolve overtime? Should they? Let's discuss all of this and some more on this Coven-esque A-Team. Hosted by: Daley Wilhelm, Courtney Tuchman, Tanner Kinney Edited by: Ashley Curry Graphic by: Daley Wilhelm Thumbnail by: Isabella Torres