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Verizon cuts off internet for rural Hoosiers, residents of 12 other states

by Eben Griger In October, Verizon will be ending the cell service of almost 8,500 customers across 13 states (including Indiana), according to corporate communications director Kelly Crummey. Verizon cites customers using too much data, making their accounts unprofitable which, while horrible for those affected, is within the rights of the company to do. But here's the kicker: some of these customers had unlimited data plans. So we have people paying to have all the data they could need getting cut off for using too much data. They weren't exactly told nicely either. “During a recent review of customer accounts, we discovered you are using a significant amount of data while roaming off the Verizon Wireless network… While we appreciate you choosing Verizon, after October 17th, 2017, we will no longer offer service for the numbers listed above since your primary place of use is outside the Verizon service area.” According to Verizon, some customers were using over a terabyte a month (a pretty common cut-off for “unlimited” data plans). When one family looked into it though, they found they were using just 50 gigabytes across four lines. As of now, no other company has come out in favor of or against Verizon for this move. If it continues, it sets a precedent for businesses to act in interest of profit rather than the consumers.

Source: Gizmodoars Technica Image: Creative Commons