Fly Away to Affordable, Quality Housing at The Haven!

Looking to move off-campus? The Haven is the perfect place to make your new home.

Being a college student is not easy at all. You have academics, jobs, internships, and a social life to keep track of. Add house-hunting into the mix and it can get messy. Thinking about finding somewhere to move off-campus is another big decision that you might be dreading, and finding good quality, affordable housing can be a hassle. Finding a place to live should be made easier, and with The Haven, it is!

Convenience First

The Haven offers students the opportunity to move in without the stress of hauling furniture, thanks to our furnished apartments. Bring your personal items, and just like that you can move into your new space with the only worry being what decorations you’re going to bring!

Your apartment comes fully furnished with couches, chairs, tables, and a full kitchen and living area. Some other amenities included in your apartment are an in-unit washer/dryer, dishwasher, 48-inch smart TV, a balcony and air conditioning. 

The Right Price for You

The cost of living for a college student can get pricey. Add in groceries, toiletries and other necessities and it can feel extremely stressful to budget your money. Here at The Haven, you won’t have to deal with the stress of breaking the bank for rent. Our lowest price is precisely at $454 with a four bed, four bath option! Other floor plans include a two bed, two bath and a three bed, three bath. The best part is, you don’t have to sacrifice your privacy while living with roommates, as each bedroom comes with an in-suite bathroom! Gone are the days of having to share a bathroom with 10 people. 

Whatever option you pick, know that The Haven only charges you for rent and electricity. You don’t have to worry about pesky water, trash, or internet bills! In addition to the apartment and community amenities, residents enjoy free on-site maintenance, so if you experience any trouble with your apartment, you can submit a request to get it fixed in a timely manner. Additionally, don’t worry about expensive parking permits, because all residents receive free parking right outside their building!

Wind Down

At The Haven, you don’t just have access to the amenities in your apartment, you have access to community amenities that will enhance your everyday college life. Want to get outside and enjoy the day with your friends? We have two outdoor basketball courts, a pool and a firepit! Don’t want to experience the crowded rec center on campus? There is a 24-hour, two-story fitness gym. Don’t want to risk getting a ticket on campus? The Haven offers a free shuttle for students to and from campus! Whatever needs you have, The Haven has many community amenities to help you out!

Find Out More

Interested? Meet with us in person and schedule a tour by calling at us (765)876-3996. You can also take a virtual tour on our website!

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