Cures for the homesick blues

Feeling down? Here are some tips to combat the feels

<p>Photo provided by Ball State Housing and Residence Life. </p>

Photo provided by Ball State Housing and Residence Life.

While it may be exciting to move to campus and kick off your college career, it can also come with some unexpected obstacles. After the first month, many people might notice a slight pang in their hearts being far away from home. Homesickness is a nasty bug to catch, and it can be pretty consuming and while there’s no immediate remedy for homesickness, there are some healthy ways to adjust.

New hobbies and experiences

Find some productive hobbies. And no, bingeing Netflix does not count as a hobby. Find some hobbies that keep your mind and body active. Some people do weightlifting, others do creative writing and some even find a dance club. If you want to join a club, you can find a lot of different clubs and groups on campus.

Treat yourself

In the words of Donna from Parks and Recreation, “Treat yo’self”. Plan out one little pick-me-up for each day. It could be getting your favorite drink at Starbucks from North Dining or buying the sweet treat from the Grab-and-Go section. Take a day to give yourself a facial or watch thirty minutes of your favorite show.

Talk to a counselor

It’s normal and completely okay to reach out and talk to someone who isn’t a friend or family member. There are counselors at the Health Center who are more than happy to help you through your feelings.

Go back home

Schedule visits to come back home. This isn’t an episode from National Geographic, you’re not excommunicated from the pack the moment you come of age.  Your parents want you to make the visit home.

Get out of your dorm

Don’t be cooped up in your dorm. What are you going to do in there all day? Stare at the ceiling; listen to your neighbor’s very loud, annoying music? Go explore campus or hang out with some friends.                       

Call your parents

Your parents want to hear from you. If calling doesn’t work, then give them a quick “hello!” text. No matter what, communication is key, especially if you feel homesick.

Bits of home

Bring some bits of home with you. No, not the bricks or wind sill, but bring photos of your family and friends. If you still have it, then bring your favorite stuffed animal. It may seem childish, but if it brings you comfort then it’s not.

Everything's okay

Recognize that this is normal feeling and it’s okay to miss your family.