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Delta junior quraterback Bronson Edwards prepares to throw July 19 at a scrimmage with Jay County. Zach Carter, DN.
Delta junior quraterback Bronson Edwards prepares to throw July 19 at a scrimmage with Jay County. Zach Carter, DN.

With the 2023 Delaware County high school season starting this Friday, I’ve decided to release the names of players that I think will ball out this season. 


Junior Bronson Edwards 

Edwards is a player that has popped up in the minds of Eagle fans this year. Even though he hasn’t touched the varsity field until this season, he has had some impressive moments. He finished last week's scrimmage against Oak Hill with five touchdown passes. When I first watched him at the scrimmage against Jay County, his accuracy was something that caught me off guard. I will definitely have my eyes on him. 

Junior Zane Cline 

Cline Is someone that I believe will turn some heads this season for the Eagles. He ended last season with one interception and 60 total tackles. One thing that surprised me at the scrimmage I attended against Jay County was his speed. There were a few plays that he seemed to pop out of nowhere to make a play. 


Senior Trey Adams

When I visited a Warriors’ practice earlier this summer, there was one name that I knew I had to watch. Last season, Adams led the team with 33.7 receiving yards per game and 31.1 rushing yards per game. When I talked to him for my Delaware County season preview, he was thrilled to play his last season on the Warriors’ new field. If that has any influence on this season, defenses might want to look out. 

Junior Grayson Mealy 

Mealy was one of the best athletes on the Warrior’s baseball team last season, but he was also a monster on the gridiron. He ended last season with 75 total tackles with 7.5 tackles per game, 3 fumble recoveries, and 1 interception. He will be one player that you might want to keep tabs on throughout the year.


Senior Mason Moulton

Moulton was one of the standout players across the county last season. As he led the Tigers to a sectional championship, he spawned huge stat lines that included 2,067 passing yards and 19 touchdowns. The only negative stat was the twenty interceptions he threw. But when I talked to him at a Tigers practice this summer, he seemed relaxed and excited for the team. If he can keep the turnovers down, he could be in a spot to be the best at his position in the county. 

Senior Jalen Thomas

I was going to keep it at one player per team on this list, but I couldn’t go on without mentioning Thomas. He ended last season with 1,255 rushing yards and 15 rushing touchdowns. But besides the ground game, he was also a threat in the passing game as he had 373 receiving yards and three receiving touchdowns. With him and Moulton returning for the Tigers, their offense could recreate what helped the program during the last campaign. 

Senior Ayden Ewing 

Ewing was a dominant force on the Tigers’ defense. He led the team with 7.0 sacks and ended the season with 80 total tackles. I know I’ve talked a lot about Yorktown’s offense (for good reasoning), but their defense has the opportunity to be great as well. Let’s not forget that the Tigers’ defense made two big plays in their first sectional win and their sectional championship victory.  

Muncie Central 

Senior Leo Boyd

Boyd did a little bit of everything for the Bearcats last season. And to be honest, he excelled in every position he played. On offense, he shined at receiver as he ended the season with 271 receiving yards and four receiving touchdowns. On the ground, he added two rushing touchdowns. When it came to defense, he had 70 total tackles and 4 interceptions. 

Senior Marvin McClinton

Last season, McClinton shined on the Bearcat defense as he recorded 73 total tackles. He also added two sacks and eight quarterback hurries. This is a big season for the Bearcats with a new stadium and new field. When I talked to both Boyd and McClinton during a Bearcat practice this summer, they both agreed that to deserve the new gadgets, they need to perform. I think these two are in for a big year. 

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