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Swiftes, unite, unite, UNITE!! Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour kicked off in Swift City, Arizona, on Friday, Mar. 17, 2023. This tour is a celebration of Swift's incredible catalog of all the amazing songs that she has given to the Swifties over the years, from Fearless to Midnights. She is one of those rare artists who can make any song personable and relatable. For those still struggling to get tickets, or didn’t get tickets, don’t worry, we can still enjoy her music from afar. In honor of her Eras tour kicking off, here are Swift’s best albums gifted to us over the years.

1.) Folklore

Released during the 2020 pandemic, Folklore gave fans a peek into Swift’s imagination as she quarantined like the rest of us, sat on her living room couch drinking wine. This album explores romance, fantasy, and escapism, all expertly articulated through her masterful lyricism and storytelling. This album may not have appealed to mainstream radio sound, but this album became an instant classic and was praised for its skill and acoustic roots, telling captivating stories from Swift's life and imagination.

2.) Reputation

“I’m sorry. The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, ‘cause she’s dead.” Will forever be an iconic, savage lyric. When the snake came out, we all knew that Taylor was coming for vengeance. Reputation was released in 2017 and it seeks revenge on her exes and famous feuds over the course of her career. She went for the throat. She explained that Reputation was a metaphor for all the criticism that she was receiving. She embraced those negative narratives that helped sparked her creativity and write from a different perspective. Taylor brings out her dark, sassy side while experimenting with pop and hip-hop influences, something that she has never really done before. These songs are edgy and compelling, but also beautiful and lyrical, there’s a nice balance between defiance and confidence while mixing in Taylor’s classic romance.

3.) 1989

1989 introduces Taylor to the world of pop music. With singles like “Shake it Off” and “Blank Space,” the album was released in 2014. She says that this was a rebirth and reinvention of herself and her style, ditching her country roots for a more '80s synth-driver pop style of music. This album talks about independence, living in the limelight of the entertainment industry, and Taylor’s coming-of-age journey in her 20s. After going through love and heartbreak, she embraces the feeling of growing into herself. Taylor greatly succeeds at exploring and showcasing her musical range and talent with different styles and genres of music. 

4.) Speak Now

Romanticizing, daydreaming, and fantasizing about that fairy tale love that we all hope to feel, mixed with heartbreak and yearning is the embodiment of Swift’s third studio album, Speak Now which was released in 2010. This album dives into love confessions, heartache, and heartbreak, with the maturity and growth that comes from the transition from adolescence to adulthood. The intimacy and the honesty Swift portrays are a breakthrough in her craft and artistry.

5.) Fearless

The world got a second dose of Taylor with her second studio album, Fearless, and they couldn’t turn away. With this 2008 release, she dove deep into the world of magic, curiosity, and the devastation of youth. She explains that Fearless is a diary of the adventures and explorations of a teenage girl who is learning tiny lessons with every new crack in the façade of the fairy-tale ending she’d shown in the movies. The sound is a little bit more country-pop with songs like “You Belong with Me” and “Love Story.” The album combines intimate lyrics and songs that stand out more than the singles on this album. This piece of work is just the beginning and shows the creative genius and brilliance of Swift’s lyrical ability to turn a single lyric into a catchy hit. 

6.) Red

Being in relationships, heartbroken and hurt by a certain person, can stir up emotions and feelings that will make red, and Swift has definitely been there. Red is the album that Swifties would call “the breakup album.” Red discusses complex and conflicting emotions and feelings about a romance that was doomed or just simply fading away. The album resembles a heartbroken person going through different stages of heartbreak. The songs exude sexuality and confidence, even through heartbreak. The mixes of dramatics and emotional lyrics and sounds that have a mix of pop, while holding onto her iconic country sounds make this album memorable with a touch of nostalgia.

7.) Evermore

As the sister album to Folklore, Evermore had a similar concept, but deeper and richer stories to be told. This was the singer's second album in 2020. The album features callbacks to her old work and gives insight into her personal life through fictional characters. It dabbles into the genre of folk music that Taylor has never explored before. The imaginative songs transport you to another world like “Champagne Problems” and “Willow.” Not only does Taylor know how to tell a story in a non-fictional route, but she also lets her imaginative mind flow into a creative piece of work that fans will be listening to on repeat for years to come.

8.) Midnights

If 1989 and Reputation had a baby, it would be named Midnights. Taylor’s tenth studio album was a surprise to many of her fans when she announced her new album at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards. And it broke the internet—literally. This album takes us on a journey of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout Taylor’s life. This album really dives into a more intimate view and investigates Taylor’s personal life and where she is today, personally, and professionally. Also, it feels like a collection of dreams that Taylor experiences through those 13 sleepless nights, and the lyrics make it seem like we are right there with her. “Anti-Hero” dives into Swift’s insecurities, while "Lavender Haze" talks about being in the light color of love. Midnights is an album that Swiftes will listen to almost every night at the stroke of 12.

9.) Lover

From the dark and deep vengeance of Reputation arises the colorful and dreamy world of Lover. Released in 2019, this piece of work has the mixes of 1989 and Speak Now. Taylor combines her storytelling abilities with self-expression, emphasizing feelings of being in love and the frustrations that come with falling in and out of it. She details her experiences of living in New York City and gifting Swifties Easter eggs. Lover takes us on a journey that we have heard before, more heightened and hyped up.

10.) Taylor Swift

You know the saying of how you never forget your first—how could Swifties possibly forget the introduction of the amazing, magnetic artist that came into our lives? The self-titled album Taylor Swift started it all in 2006 with a fresh-faced country artist singing “Our Song” and “Tim McGraw.” Filled with heart-wrenching ballads like "Teardrops on My Guitar" and the sassy revenge track, "Picture to Burn," the album gave fans a taste of what to expect in the future and memorable songs and lyrics, which gave a deeper meaning to the “heartbreak anthem.” Swift’s debut is rich with simple, meaningful lyrics and sounds that are pleasing to the ears, but deliver a powerful nostalgic and pleasing aesthetic to the ears.

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