When You’re Ready to Fly Further, Ball State Online is Here


Congratulations, Grad! You should be so proud of your accomplishment. Wherever you land next, know that Ball State Online will be here for you when it’s time to fly further in your career and future.

Thousands of adult students have benefited from our online graduate degrees and certificates. With more than 100 online programs, you’re bound to find one that will give you an edge over your peers, help advance your career, or even prepare you for an entirely different career. 

As you know, Ball State takes pride in the education you receive. The online programs are no different. Since 2013, U.S. News & World Report has ranked several of our graduate programs as “Best Online Programs,” further establishing our reputation in online higher education. 

Contributing to this reputation is the faculty you’ll work with. Most of the same professors who teach on campus also teach all online courses. They are pioneers in the online classroom and create engaging online classes that earn national recognition. You may even recognize a few professors that you’ve already had in class. 

No matter the program you choose, you’ll gain skills applicable to your current and future career through the courses you take. These skills can be used the next day on the job. 

You can expect flexibility in your schedule too. There is no set time that you need to log in to your courses. Ball State Online offers asynchronous courses, giving you flexibility and more control about fitting your studies into your daily schedule. You can complete course work whenever and wherever you need, as long as you still hit those assignment deadlines.

Even if you only plan on taking a couple of classes at a time – like most of our online students – just know that you’re getting the same award-winning instruction and curriculum as you would on campus.

So, when you’re ready to fly further, visit bsu.edu/online/DN to learn more. 

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