The newest edition of Ball Bearings is out now!

Explore the Spring edition of Ball Bearings Magazine 


Ball Bearing Magazine is available on campus newsstands today! 

Ball Bearings Magazine is an award-winning student-run magazine. Through their content they explore in-depth topics within the Ball State community.   

From listicles, features and reviews, Ball Bearings gives readers the opportunity to indulge in meaningful content.  

The latest issue uncovers the theme of “Missing.” The “Missing” edition explores themes that are missing in the Muncie community as well as issues on a national level.  

From stories that cover the topic of how LGBTQ+ sex education is missing in the educational system to exploring our own Muncie Mall and uncovering the root of missing mall culture. This edition is one not to miss! Pick up a copy at newsstands across campus.

Find the newsstand nearest to you with the map below:

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