Need a place to call your Haven?

The Haven is the perfect place to call home!


The Haven is THE apartment complex to be at. We know what a student really needs including the proper utilities, indoor exercise facilities and more! We have it all for our students with added comforts and amenities.  You will be able to find your haven at The Haven.

No Need to Break the Bank 

Trying to find a place to live is a headache and an expensive one at that. An average apartment in Muncie costs a whopping $1,042! That does not even include renter’s insurance and utilities but luckily, The Haven has your back.  

We offer multi-room apartments for as low as $444 a month! Included in rent is a fully-furnished apartment including kitchen appliances. This is practically a steal! Each apartment includes a TV, chairs, a couch, tables and more!  

Relaxation is a Must 

The Haven understands that life is going to throw its punches at you. This isn’t just a roof over your head, this is a place to have fun and relax! The Haven provides not only a fully-furnished apartment but also a pool, basketball courts and an entertainment center with video and board games. If this isn’t enough, The Haven offers a 24-hour gym with tanning beds! Don’t fret over losing your spring break tan or working on the summer gains with a gym right next door. Check out the full list of amenities here.  

Privacy Please 

Remember those traumatic moments of your roommates walking in on you in the bathroom? Yuck. Luckily at The Haven, we take privacy very seriously. No matter if you live in a 2-bedroom apartment or a 4-bedroom apartment, you and your roommates will each have a private bathroom. Need a moment to get away for some down time but don’t want to leave the comfort of your place? No problem because all the bedrooms on your floor plan are private, a whole bedroom to yourself for down time is just what you need.  

Contact Us! 

Don’t hesitate to reach out and book a tour by calling (765)287-1500 or visiting us online. Our office hours are as follows:  

Office hours: 

Monday-Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. 

Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 

Sunday: 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. 


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