Muncie OUTreach and Glinda B. Fierce host the first all-ages drag show since Covid-19.

Saturday night at the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) of Muncie, Glinda B. Fierce, a drag queen, along with Muncie OUTreach threw an all-ages drag show.

The show was meant to help fundraise for OUTreach and provide an entertaining event for both children and adults. 

Glinda B. Fierce said she reached out to Laura Janney, the founder of OUTreach, and asked to start up the drag shows again to help fundraise for OUTreach.

Janney said OUTreach had done drag shows prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the show on Saturday night was the first one since. 

The show had seven performers along with Glinda B. Fierce: Lady J, AVA, Tia Mirage Hall, Tevin L. Cruz, Naomi de Fierce, Stephine Steel and AiJaye Finesse'. 

Janney said some of the drag performers were from the local area, like Tevin L. Cruz of Muncie, Indiana, and Stephine Steel of Yorktown, Indiana.

“[The event] makes my heart happy because I wish it would have been something I would have been able to have when I was a kid,” Tevin L. Cruz said. 

Stephine Steel said they felt this event was important because it showed children there are more than two genders and more to drag. Steel felt the expression of each performer was beneficial to children and adults to learn this.

“A lot of people need to know that drag is inherently not sexual, and drag is an art form, and art forms can be consumed in multiple ways by multiple masses of people,” Glinda B. Fierce said. “ Children belong wherever they feel safe, and if they feel safe at a drag show, they belong there, and there's nothing wrong or nasty or perverted or there's no alternative motive with drag shows.”

Glinda B. Fierce, who hosted and organized the event, tried to get a diverse cast of performers for the show. She represented the pageantry side of drag with Miss Gay Indiana Tia Mirage Hall and Mr. Gay Indiana AiJaye Finesse’. 

“I tried to represent like different kinds of drag,” Glinda B. Fierce said. “We had a bearded Queen, [and] we just had lots of drag, and I just wanted to give the best drag show and raise the most money.”

At the start of the night, OUTreach started with just over $2,400, and by the end of the night, OUTreach raised $4,250. 

The proceeds will go to OUTreach to help them buy their own building and location, instead of being in the YWCA, along with anything else they’ll need.

OUTreach has events coming up, such as a Valentine’s Day Mixer for adults at Minnetrista and a Drag Queen Dodgeball Tournament  July 29. 

To learn more about Muncie OUTreach, go to their website or their social media on Instagram or Facebook.

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