The Ball Bearings Magazine Senses Issue is Out Now!

Dive into a unique exploration of the senses in the fall issue


Awaken and expand your senses as you read the newest issue of Ball Bearings: The Senses. The magazine is available at newsstands across campus.

The Senses Issue takes an in-depth look and analysis at the five senses: taste, smell, touch, sound and sight. What complex feelings, memories and issues come with these human experiences?

How do your senses impact you when you’re intoxicated? And how do baby cuddlers create a comforting environment for families in NICU units? The Ball Bearings writers will take you on a tour of how the senses define our life experiences.

Ball Bearings is a student-run and award-winning magazine that includes feature stories, commentary, criticism and deep dives into provoking questions – written through the lens of Ball State students.

Find your copy at any newsstand on campus. Check the map below to see where your closest copy is!

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