SCOTT: Brett Farve's career accolades do not outweigh his controversies

Brett Farve playing at Lambeau Field for the Minnesota Vikings Oct. 24, 2010. Mike Morbeck, photo courtesy
Brett Farve playing at Lambeau Field for the Minnesota Vikings Oct. 24, 2010. Mike Morbeck, photo courtesy

I find Brett Farve a very sick man.

The one thing in life that I hate more than a liar is a compulsive liar. Brett Farve uses his privilege as an excuse to make deceitful careless neglections to not only hurt people but to hurt entire populations. 

The call for this man’s arrest should have been called out in the midst of his first sexual assault investigation. How could one man have so much power yet not have the mindset to where he can control his negative temptations that allow him to leave a dreadful impact on those he so calls “ represents."

NFL Hall of Famer Brett Farve was recently named in a state of Mississippi lawsuit along with others involved in a $77M welfare scandal that has been going on for the last two years.

Farve was involved in a statewide investigation that was at the forefront of the fraudulent misuse of millions of dollars from the  Mississippi Education Community Center, a non-profit based in Jackson, Mississippi.

The company was accused of giving Farve $5 million out of the $77 million welfare funds. According to an investigative report by Mississippi Today, $1.1 million went to Farve for public promotion speeches that he never gave and $4 million in efforts to develop and construct a volleyball center for The University of Southern Mississippi, Farves alma mater and where his daughter, Breleigh, played volleyball at the time.

Many are calling for the arrest of Farve and former Governor Phil Bryant based on the challenging hardships the state of Mississippi has had to endure like the recent flooding of Jackson, Mississippi, the most populated city in the state.

This is not the first occasion that wares Farve’s character in the face of controversy. In 1996, Farve was given a temporary ban from drinking alcohol by the NFL. In that same year, Farve had developed an addiction to Vicodin, a prescription painkiller, and was placed in drug rehabilitation for 46 days before the start of the season.

In 2010, Farve was at the center of an NFL investigation for allegedly sexting New York Jets gameday host Jenn Strenger throughout the 2008 NFL season. The NFL came to the conclusion with a forensic analysis that failed to prove Farve had done any wrongdoing. The bigger issue with the investigation is that Farve was not a part of it, he failed to cooperate with the investigation and as a result, Farve was fined 50,000 dollars.

Brett Farve is an NFL Hall of Fame quarterback and an all-time great without a doubt, but it personally kills me to see people with his character and reputation get treated like nothing ever happened, especially with the hall of fame and the sponsored endorsements he receives year in and year out.

We have guys who get overlooked completely like Terell Owens who wasn't voted into the Professional Football Hall of Fame despite being among the best of the best wide receivers in NFL history. Farve on the other hand was inducted on the first ballot in 2016 (Farve’s first year of eligibility). Just completely, flat-out ridiculous.

I believe the reason Farve has been dealt with such grace with the absentminded decisions he has made is because of his career and also the fact that he is a white male. We see cases like this in many instances where minority players such as Terrell Owens get blackballed and ostracized for controversies as opposed to their white counterparts.

Favre's career should never outweigh his controversies. The privilege he has obtained for being a hall of fame quarterback has been developed into a crutch he's used to overlook his wrong doing. 

Just because a player has a one in a lifetime career doesn't mean he or she has the right to commit devious acts with the intentions to hide from it and not acknowledge any wrongdoing.

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