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Three happy female friends having fun outdoors in summer vacations at city. Portrait of smiling woman hugging looking at camera together. High quality photo
Three happy female friends having fun outdoors in summer vacations at city. Portrait of smiling woman hugging looking at camera together. High quality photo

When you move into your new home, it should be as stress free as possible. Normally you have to deal with renting a moving vehicle and making sure you don’t scratch any of your heavy furniture, all while cramming your personal belongings into one or two cars. At The Haven, you can move in stress free and with maximum convenience. No need to buy an old couch with mystery stains from the internet. All of our apartments come pre-furnished with a full living area and kitchen. 

Don’t sacrifice your savings for convenience

We know, renting an apartment can be financially draining. The average Muncie apartment costs up to $1,042 a month. YIKES! Not to mention getting renter’s insurance and getting the proper furniture and the utilities. At The Haven, we’re going to take the edge off for you. 

First of all, our nicely, pre-furnished apartments start at $421 a month. These apartments come with a full kitchen, a living room with a couch, chair(s), tables and a ready-to-go kitchen. Don’t even worry about hauling a tv, each apartment comes with a 48-inch Smart TV. Just bring your personal belongings and anything else you might need.

Living, not just surviving

With money being a major stressor, many college students’ main concern is surviving. The Haven isn’t just a place to prop a roof over your head. This is a place where you can relax and actually enjoy yourself. The Haven comes with basketball courts, a pool and an entertainment center with gaming. Don’t worry about losing your gains to get good grades. The Haven offers a 24-hour gym right next to your apartment. Enjoy yourself, improve yourself, and enjoy life at your new home!

Private and Practical

You have multiple available floor-plans at The Haven to fit your needs. There’s a 2-Bedroom, 3-Bedroom and 4-Bedroom plan available. Hold on a minute. Suppress those traumatic flashbacks of your roommates walking in on you in the bathroom. Living with up to four people can seem intimidating, but more roommates doesn’t equal less privacy at The Haven. You’ll each have your own private bathrooms and bedrooms to call your own.  

Reach out!

Think we might be the perfect fit for you to call home? Check us out in person and schedule a tour by giving us a call at (765)876-3998. Or take a virtual tour here

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