The Great Botswin Baking Show of 2022

Last Thursday, the 2022 Botswin Baking Show took place.

MUNCIE, Ind.--- Last Thursday, the 2022 Botswin Baking Show took place. With multiple groups of contestants and lots of talent, the competition was hard to judge.

Freshman, Missy Rambissoon, said she wanted to join the baking show to get involved. She says she was able to join through flyers posted throughout her residence hall, and that the process to join was fairly easy with no auditioning required.

“I think getting involved is super simple and it is such a satisfying thing to do because you get to meet people,” said Merrah Silyer, Rambissoon’s partner in the baking show.

Both partners said they had a pretty pronounced Halloween theme for their cupcakes, which is why they believe they were so successful. Both Rambisoon and Silyer were declared first place winners by the end of the competition.

“Getting involved is really nice because I haven't met some of the people there, so I got to get to know them and have a little friendly competition, but it was a really nice environment to be in,” said Rambissoon. 

Overall, Both Rambissoon and Silyer encourage future residents in Botsford Swinford to enter the baking competition in the future. 

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