Sweet and Simple Gifts to Give Your Friends

holiday and happiness concept - two smiling teenage girls with presents
holiday and happiness concept - two smiling teenage girls with presents

Gift-giving can be a difficult thing to do. And let’s face it, not all of us are very good at it. You have to think about a person's personality, taste, needs, wants, etc. That can take some time to consider. Because when you give someone a gift, you want it to say how much you appreciate them or think about them. Plus, a gift should reflect the occasion as much as the person and your sentiment. You wouldn’t get someone the same thing on their birthday as when they graduate from school or get their dream job. Or a bathing suit in the middle of winter.

What is the perfect gift? No two people are alike, on the receiving end or giving end. However, a few gifts go great with any time of year or personality and are simple all-around ways to express sweet sentiment.

A Candle

A candle set is a sweet and simple gift to give your friends because there is no way to go wrong. There are many scent options, case styles, variations, and occasions. Just think about it. When was the last time you walked into a candle store and felt underwhelmed? Likely never. Candles have so much personality. The scents themselves can run the gamut of options and be as specific as possible. Lavender, vanilla, sea salt, maple, cedar, citrus, honey, cinnamon, coconut, rose, mango, violet, the list will never end. But, then, in addition to these scents, the physical name of a candle says a lot too. It can be severe, quirky, flirty, sarcastic—birds and the breeze, off the grid, instant karma. Candles can be eco-friendly, vegan, and colorful. You name it, and a candle can have as much personality as the friend you’re shopping for.

A Mug

Glassware can be tough to shop for unless you are acutely aware of your friend's personality. Do they prefer classic, modern, inexpensive, or fancy? But a mug can be customizable, affordable, and a sweet and simple way to show gratitude. Although initially thought of for hot beverages like coffee or tea, mugs are great for any drink. So throw in some hot cocoa, water, wine, soda, or anything you’d like. Mugs can have cute quotes, photo images, and different shapes and sizes. You can even buy one as a souvenir when you’re out of town thinking about your friend and save it for the right occasion.


Back when you were kids, socks were the worst gift because they screamed “functionality” over fun. Socks can be customized with faces and phrases or the quirky kind. They even have celebrity artworks. Socks are a sweet and simple gift for a friend who values comfort and fun. 

A Picture Frame

If you’ve been to your friend's room or house, a picture frame is perfect for showing appreciation or celebration. You can put in your photo (like one of the two of you, or maybe of their favorite pet or relative) or have them choose one for themselves. Today, in the digital age, hardly anyone physically prints pictures anymore (can you remember the last time you printed one?). Typically, photos are taken on our phones, where they stay. But a picture frame allows someone to appreciate the picture all the time, not when they’re just scrolling through thousands of images. And if you print out the picture, even better! Because that’s one less thing your friend needs to do, and you just made their life easier.

A Blanket 

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, a blanket is perfect for all weather. Sure, it gets a little hot in summer, but even summer nights cool off, and when you’re outside, it can become chilly (get a thin blanket). But a blanket is perfect and comes in so many different styles. Blankets can be super soft and snuggly or a little more rugged for outdoor use. Blankets come with pockets to put things like remotes and different designs. Blankets are a sweet and simple gift from indoor use to outdoor use.

A Plant

Do you know the best thing to liven up any room or space? A plant. The live ones produce oxygen, which makes them a benefit to any atmosphere, but even the fake plants make a room feel homier. Fake plants are great for the friend who, let’s face it, can’t keep a plant alive. They don’t die; they’re relatively inexpensive for how long they last, and they come in just as many styles as real ones (after all, imitations). Natural plants are suitable for anyone, anytime, and can range from a small coffee table plant to a large fern that takes up space. Plus, the different types of plants come with varying needs of watering. So even the friend who forgets to water a plant every day will still benefit from the plant that only needs watering once a week.

Gift-giving can be challenging. Fortunately, there are so many different options that are both sweet and simple for anyone to enjoy.

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