Catching Deals with the Cardinal Coupon Book

You’re just in time to save money.


Welcome back Cardinals! After such a long break, nothing is better than catching up with friends and getting a bite to eat. But as college students, we understand that you may be a bit short on cash. Luckily, Ball State Daily has the perfect solution for you, the Cardinal Coupon Book!

What is the Cardinal Coupon Book?

The Cardinal Coupon Book sponsored by Village Promenade is a yearly publication put out by Ball State to showcase some of the best deals around Muncie. It’s small, thin, and allows for easy carrying in your wallet or purse, so you can always have it on hand!

What’s in it?

Many of the businesses featured in the Cardinal Coupon Book are student friendly, and not only offer awesome coupons, but also offer student discounts! These range from food and beverage from places such as Puerto Vallarta and Greek’s Pizzeria, to recreational activities like Boulder Falls Mini Golf and Island Tan, and even housing like Village Promenade. It’s worth mentioning that these are only a portion of the businesses included, and many of the coupons provided are valid for up to a year.

Where to Get Yours

Starting Jan. 10, copies of the Cardinal Coupon Book will be available for pickup in Ball State dorms, campus buildings, newsstands and various client businesses. This is your chance to get some absolutely sweet deals, and save some extra money. Don’t miss out!

Find them at the following businesses now:

  • Greeks Pizza
  • Minnetrista
  • Greg Hubler Ford
  • Sunshine Cafe
  • The Spot Smoke Shop
  • Village Promenade

Stay Updated!

Are you interested in keeping up-to-date on future Ball State publications? If so, be sure to check Ball State Daily for more updates!

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