The Best Educational Holiday Gifts for Kids


During the holiday season, you’re probably wondering what to get your kids. You want something unique, practical, and educational for your child–not just another toy your kid will play with a few times and forget about. That’s why we made this guide!

Did you know children undergo much of their development and learning through play? From playing on educational tablets, with blocks and interactive toys, and more, there are many ways play influences child development and cognitive activity.

Play is crucial for your child’s well-being, but it’s essential to know which toys and gifts are constructive and which are not. This guide breaks down everything you need to know about educational holiday gifts that will keep your kid happy all year long.

Educational Reader

Reading is one of the best activities that are fun for kids and educational. Reading has a range of benefits. From exercising the brain, improving language and grammar skills, supporting better reading skills, and much more, there are many reasons why books make the perfect educational gift. Reading helps kids learn about the world, cultivate imagination, support emotional health, learn empathy, and stay entertained.

Reading is an activity a child of any age can participate in. For children who are only starting to learn how to read, you can look for picture books that are easy to read. For kids in the middle, you can find short chapter books that are still easy to read, have pictures, but have more complicated characters and storylines. And, for those who are older and have more refined reading skills, you can find more complicated chapter books.

There are many ways to support reading and give this gift to your little ones! First, you can buy physical books. While this is an excellent option, physical books can get expensive after a while and take up space as your collection grows.

You can use a digital device, like an educational reader or tablet, as an alternative to physical books.

You can also look for free kids books online to help your children learn, read, and imagine all at once. There are tons of ways to give your little one’s books this Christmas. 

Educational Toys

There are many toys known for their cognitive benefits as well. Let’s take a look at some popular toys
with surprising educational benefits.

Magnetic Tiles

If you have little ones of your own or spend time with your nieces, nephews, or best friend’s kids, you’ve probably heard of magnetic tiles. This popular toy comes in many shapes, sizes, and brands, but each has the same idea.

A group of tiles can be manipulated and used to construct various designs, patterns, buildings, and more. This toy is educational for many reasons. First, it gives your children the opportunity to learn about patterns and make their own. They can also learn about structural design and why some magnetic designs stand up and others can’t. 

Building Blocks

Building blocks work similarly to magnetic tiles. They support design, creativity, patterns, and building. They can also support language and communication when children play together. They can learn how to communicate to build and play together. This is an excellent skill that will help your kid through life.

Arts and Crafts

You may not think of education when you think of arts and crafts, but it’s one of the best ways to support emotional health, expression, and cognitive development! Arts and crafts are not only fun for everyone in the family, but it’s a powerful exercise that promotes more than meets the eye.

Art supports fine motor skills, language development, decision-making skills, visual learning, creativity and imagination, cultural awareness, emotional health, and brain activity. When you encourage your child to create art and express themselves freely, you encourage educational activity.

What gifts should you look for to encourage arts and crafts this holiday season? Here are a few ideas! 

● Painting Easel

● Coloring books

● Clay or playdough

● DIY projects, either pre-made or homemade

Help Your Kids Learn Through Play

Kids learn through play. Play is healthy, helps relieve stress, helps develop cognitive and physical abilities, and helps support social activity, but it helps them learn. By giving your children educational gifts this holiday season, you give more than just a fun surprise. You provide them with knowledge and skills that will last a lifetime!

Start shopping today to show your little ones how much you care!

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