Westwind Farm and Fiber is teaching the community more about animals

(NewsLink) MUNCIE, Ind. -- The Westwind Farm and Fiber is a family owned business that has been running for three years
now. For customers that arrive at the Westwind Farm and Fiber gets the opportunity to interact with a variety of animals and get a learning lesson.

The Eller family has a variety of animals that are all born and raised at the farm. Every animal on the
farm is taken care of all year around. With providing different activities to pet, hold and walk different animals. The owner, Andrew Eller shares more about the different animals.

“Getting to see animals and having close interactions with holding bunnies, and walking goats, and sheep
around, even seeing alpacas, ducks, and chickens,” said Andrew Eller. 

The Eller family will show a demonstration of how to process wool and fleece that comes from the sheeps
and alpacas. The demonstration will show kids and adults how to cut the wool, to process the it and to make it into yarn for customers able to eventually buy in the gift shop. 

“Sheep and alpaca, the fleeces from which my wife Kylee processes all those right here on the farm so they
can come out and see how it starts and when it starts coming off the sheep then seeing the final results,” said Andrew Eller. 

Customer Morgan Stroust brought both of her children to experience a learning opportunity to know about
items that can be handmade. She shared more why she decided to come out and visit Westwind Farm and Fiber for the first time. 

“I like getting things that are natural, we can get the better and I like teaching the kids about using
things differently, instead of going to buy it and you can just make it,” said Morgan Stroust. 

The Eller family noticed new customers coming in every weekend. They enjoy being a nice local business for
people in Muncie to visit. 

“Help build that education for the kids that don’t get as much now and that’s really a big thing that we
want to do,” said Andrew Eller. 

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