Purdylicious: opening a business during pandemic

(NewsLink) MUNCIE, Ind. - COVID-19 has hit some businesses hard. But for some, it’s been a time for beginnings. For Purdylicious Sweet Shoppe in Yorktown, this is the case. 

The shop is one of the newest places to get donuts, ice cream, popcorn and drinks in Yorktown. It opened in January 2021, during one of the peaks of the pandemic. Co-owner of the shop Jeff Purdy says it wasn’t easy.

“It was a struggle, you know? Working with the health department, it took us a little longer than anticipated,” Purdy said.  

Opening a business at any time is a risk along with a pandemic.

Business student Erik Nelson says, “You’d have to have a lot more precautionary measures on how money’s going to work and how funding is going to work because people being nervous about covid at all times means that business could drop off or spike at any time. It all depends on how the consumer feels.” 

Depending on the business and community where it opens, business can go well, just like Purdylicious.

Jeremy Shoykhet, who founded his New York-based business, Superfast, last May said, “While there are certainly some incredible challenges launching any business right now, the opportunity is also ripe to launch a new business.”  

Purdylicious has been successful in its time as a business for multiple reasons, but the biggest being their connection with the Delaware County community. The Facebook page for the business has over 3,000 likes. This means that about 3,000 people see their weekly posts of new items and seasonal specials.  

Purdylicious started as a mobile business that would go to various community events in Delaware County to sell elephant ears and popcorn. That was their first impression that helped them gain popularity and lead them to eventually open the store. They still do mobile business for certain events and try to keep reaching out to the community that has supported them so well.  


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