Contemplation Space at Bracken Library

MUNCIE, Ind. (Newslink) -- A new Contemplation Space was made in the Bracken Library on September 29.

The space is used for relaxation, contemplation, meditation, prayer and more.

“Having a quiet place to take a moment seemed very important to me in all of the bustle of academic life,” said Dean of University Libraries Matthew Shaw.

Not only is the Contemplation Space an area to remove oneself from academic responsibilities, it is also a non-sectarian space that’s goal is to accommodate for religious diversity and inclusivity.

Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Matthew Hotham, thinks the Contemplation Space is important because of the mental health crisis in the country, as well as the religious diversity. 

 “America is becoming an ever more religiously diverse country. If Ball State wants to continue to be relevant and attract students from all over the state and the country, we’re going to need to provide resources for these students so that they can feel welcome and succeed here,” said Hotham. 

While the space is open to faculty and students, it makes sure to provide private spaces.

“We do offer a privacy screen that can be moved and situated around some of the floor furnishings to allow for privacy if someone wants that,” said Shaw.

The Contemplation Space is not the only space for reflection and prayer on Ball State University’s campus. There is another Contemplation Space in the North Quad, Room 232. 

Professor Hotham said that the North Quad Contemplation Space has dim lighting and cushions, while the Contemplation Space in the library has big windows that allow people to admire nature.

Multiple options are now available for students to reflect on campus. The Contemplation Space in the library is open during library hours. The North Quad space is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Professor Matthew Hotham said he hopes this is the first step toward more things, like the Contemplation Space, to accommodate religious differences on campus. 

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