Ball State prepares to help students with seasonal depression

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) -- Seasonal depression is a mood disorder in which one experiences more fatigue, social isolation, and feelings of hopelessness as the weather changes. Some students of Ball State have already started to see this take place.

This came as many are trying to overcome this disorder in a completely new environment away from where they call home.

“I’m trying my best to talk to my friends and keep spirits up,” said freshman Gabriel Kenochel. “I feel like if I’m not careful about addressing my mental health it could certainly affect me."

Ball State has taken initiative to try to tackle the topic of mental health.

“I’ve always struggled, but having the feeling amplified during the winter is hard,” said freshman Isabella Havens. “I’ve been trying to journal and look into counseling while being here at Ball State.”

Alongside the Counseling Center, student clubs and organizations have created spaces for people to share their experiences. Let’s Talk About It, a club prioritizing the mental health of African Americans, but has made its fellowship open to everyone.

President and Founder of Let’s Talk About It Simone Corey said, “We want to offer a safe space to talk about mental health. A lot of people don’t understand what they’re going through at times like these, so we also offer knowledge and other resources many can use.”

For more information on the Counseling Center, you can visit their website.


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