'It's just kind of disappointing': BSU Students receive $365 electric bill

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) -- Imagine receiving a $365 electric bill for a three-bedroom house. That's what two Ball State students say happened to them when it came time to pay their bills.

The two energy bills NewsLink Indiana obtained from the two tenants show double what the previous tenants were paying the same exact month last year. For the past two months, these roommates have tried reaching out to both the power and rental company but with little response.

Grace Plaskett is a senior at Ball State and was disappointed when she opened her bill for the month of September.

"Our first bill was around $365 in general...and in September the bill was $295 just for electric," said Plaskett.

After learning of the sky-high bill, Grace and her roommate reached out to American Electric Power who said the meters were functioning properly and to contact the rental company BSU Campus Rentals about the issue.

"When they told us to contact the residential company, they told us that they would work with the residential company to find a solution and as far as I know, none of that has happened yet," said Plaskett.

After talking with the tenants, we decided to call BSU Campus Rentals to see if we could get any information on what the protocols are for electric bill disputes. The rental company did not provide any information to NewsLink Indiana, but said we needed to get reach out to the director of operations. Just as we were about so get in contact with the director, Plaskett and her roommate received a phone call from their rental company.

"The residential company called us and said that they want to take a look at it soon and they know we have a maintenance request open," said Plaskett. We talked with veteran electrician Rapid Watters of Watters Heating and Electric to get advice on issues with your electric bill.

"Occasionally Indiana Michigan Electric will offer different incentives where they would have a representative come out and check their home out. Some companies use an infrared device that they can tell where heat is lost."

Other electricians we spoke to said most electric companies will send out an electrician free of charge. 

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